There´s no doubt that spring is one of the best season to marry because nature is itself romantic. So, how you can make a wedding even more dreamy? Here are our advice for a perfect confettata of Spring.

Confettata a delicious spring buffet – choose fresh colors

Bright and sunny shades are most suitable colors for a spring wedding  with chromatic combination similar to the colors that nature shows off during the most romantic season of the year. Among all the colors of Confetti Papa  select the most bright, romantics and enveloping tones.

The tastes of confettata buffets  made with confetti papa

In the past wedding were characterized by the classical sugar coated almonds with Avola´s almond which still remains a great classic and cannot be missing in any type of confettata wedding buffet. These could have an almond, chocolate, hazelnut or fruit heart and a coating made by sugar or chocolate with different flavors showed in Cioccogolosi Papa collection.



Confettata  a delicious spring buffet – combination of floral arrangments

For floral arrangements choose seasonal flowers in shades of pink or soft colors. The most romantic flowers are tulips and peonies but are also perfect wild flowers to decorate a confettata of spring. The important thing is to know how to combine the colors of flowers with  the colors of confetti for an embracing and balanced result.

Confettata a delicious spring buffet –  combine the classic tastes with the most original tastes

The beautiful thing is that you can choice different colors and therefore the tastes of confetti. Confetti Papa collection has the unavoidable and elegant confetti of Bianchi d´Avola, the symbol of each wedding and the confetti with the most creative and original tastes. The perfect confettata is the one that exposes both of them. Don´t be afraid to dare because in front of a confettata buffet every guest will choose the tastes that most inspire him.

Bianchi d'Avola 

Grand Cru Tropicale

Grand Cru Delle Ande

Grand Cru Dei Caraibi

Confettata a delicious spring buffet – use a floral-themed centrepiece with lace

Besides the bride dress also centerpieces and runner can be floral-themed and in lace to spread a romantic and dreamy atmosphere. Dress the buffet table  with a centerpiece with white and colored lace on which to place glass trays with different types of confetti.

Confettata a delicious spring buffet – opt for a rustic-looking table

Spring is the perfect season for a county style wedding that remember the idea of convivial parties in the open air between the smell of wood and wild flowers. The choice to place the confettata buffet on a long wooden table will give warmth and character to the atmosphere while the rustic tone of the table will be soften by the floral lace centerpieces.