The confettata event comes back in fashion in wedding celebrations. Nowadays isn´t enough giving the party favour to the guests but is necessary surprising them with a colored and scenographic buffet of confetti.

During her last visit at our company, the wedding planner Cira Lombardo found out how the crafts production process of Papa´s confetti is. It starts from almond making that has already covered with the first layer of sugar in the typical basins of copper called ´bassine´ the symbol of the ancient confectionery art.

The ´sugarcoating´ phase takes place in the inner of these basins that is when the sugar coated almond is ´cooked´  after being covered with sugar or glaze.

Cira Lombardo thanks to her aptitude to fit scenographic confettata events, she was immediately intrigued by different colors of Papa´ confettiand processes of crafts production with which they are obtained.

For our sugar coated almonds preparation we use no azo and natural food colors. During the sugarcoating phase the color is dissolved in the glaze and several layers of sugarcoating are made until the predefined color is reached.

We use powdered colors that dissolve in the glaze because they are water-soluble.