As spring is coming, more and more brides choose to have a wedding color scheme in pastel colors. Pastel colors suit different kinds of weddings: bright yet soft, pastel colors set the fairytale atmosphere while showing elegance.

matrimonio colori pastello

The versatility of the pastel color scheme made it classic: it will set a romantic wedding without using the most common colors.
If the shades of pink are still the most common in a pastel wedding color scheme, the range of pastel colors is wider: you can pick any pastel shade from pink to yellow and from green to blue, or choose just one or two and have them everywhere, from the bouquet and the flower decorations (roses and peonies are a must at a pastel wedding!) to seat markers and centerpieces.

matrimonio colori pastello

The perfect sweet table for a pastel wedding

The protagonist of a pastel wedding is the sweet table. After all, if they are also called “candy colors” there must be a reason!

Confetti Papa’s collections are colorful!

We have the classic pastel shades of pink and blue, but also trendier pastel colors -for example in our exotic collection and our many fruity collections. Our range of pastel colored sugared almonds is so wide that the wedding planner Cira Lombardo co-created with us a collection, Confetti Double Chocolate & Fruit, to show on her scenographic sweet tables.

Finally, on the sweet table of a pastel wedding you should also have some macarons, perhaps shaped like a wedding cake.