At Vebo Fiera, Papa Confetti e Cioccolato presented a sweet new product: Le di Vin gocce. These coated pralines have a wine heart covered with dark chocolate. They are born from our passion for Italian culture and tradition, of which good wine is the protagonist.

The positive reaction of the public at Vebo Fiera confirmed the trend of people getting passionate about wine: in the latest years more and more people love good wine and want to learn how to taste it and how to pair it.

Le di Vin gocce Vebo 2018

Le di Vin gocce

The main feature of Le di Vin gocce is that their characteristic wine heart is made with real wine, not a “flavor of”. After many tests we perfected the recipe of a wine cream made using at least 300gr of real wine for every liter of product.

The wine cream obtained with this special artisanal recipe is then covered with dark chocolate, whose taste perfectly pair with all five wines that we selected. Lastly, the praline is sugar coated.

Being genuine and authentic, the wine we use contains alcohol. During the processing, though, all the alcohol evaporates, making Le di Vin gocce suitable for everybody.

What are the wines inside Le di Vin gocce?

For this first edition of Le di Vin gocce we selected five Italian wine grape varieties:

  • Primitivo, because it’s the protagonist of the wine production in Southern Italy
  • Nero d’Avola, because we fancied the idea of pairing it with our flagship product: the coated almonds Bianchi d’Avola;
  • Tintilia, because it is from our region and it is underrated in the rest of Italy;
  • Malvasia, because it’s cultivated all around Italy;
  • Sauvignon, because it is very chic.

This collection goes along with our bonbon with whisky, with rum and with sambuca, which are the protagonist of boldest sweet tables.

Le di Vin gocce Vebo 2018