Since 1975

This is a long tradition of experience and love made by small gestures of craftsmen to produce Papa´s delights

Since 1975

This is a long tradition of experience and love made by small gestures of craftsmen to produce Papa's delights

We have produced Confetti since 1975 in Monteroduni a little village in the province of Isernia. The company has combined craftsmanship wisdom, familiar tradition of gourmet confectionary and innovation in products and processes. The historical brand of Confetti Papa and Dolceamaro Srl is promoting an ambitious project that is bring back the cultivation of almond trees in the Italian territory starting from the local tradition of Molise region. Future developments will provide an energy optimization plan that will make the production independent. The residual farming will be reused to produce cleaned energy reducing the environmental impact due to the machineries. It consists in an integration of the supply chain that is perfectly in line with the respect for nature on which the brand policy is based on. The company has chosen 0 km organic products, in fact Confetti Papa searches for quality not only selecting the best raw materials but also promoting the sustainability of production processes and energy saving. It is also aware that the commitment to a cleaner environment is the most precious gift that can be made to future generations.

Quality and Research of our products

Our confetti were born from the most refined almonds. We carefully select these precious fruits with care and wisdom as the gourmet confectionary tradition of our territory has taught us.  This is a unique heritage that our company has held since 1975 combining a very ancient legacy with advanced production techniques.

Our secret ingredient?

It´s obvious… is love!

Our almonds tumble down in the coppers coating pan called ´bassine´ while they counting down the time with an impertinent clickety-clack that separates them from the sugarcoating process. The simple excitement of our work of artisans has now intense colors, here are our confetti.

They have been the protagonists of your happy moments for 40 years.

Our Company

During our 40 years of history we have shown the capacity to excel both in terms of production and packaging processes establishing an inseparable fellowship between crafts heritage and technology. The takeover of important market shares through the typical production of `bassinatura` process of confectionary world is the proof of our excellence. We produce dried fruit covered with chocolate, cocoa beans , cereals, and dragée with a thin sugarcoating. Nowadays we are working on an area of 4000 square meters adopting the highest international quality standards as BRC and IFS. The constant research of excellence has oriented the company to produce gluten free products and obtaining important certifications in the field of processes and products such as the accreditation of A.I.C ( Italian Coeliac Association), Kasher/SIKS, the FLO accreditation (Fairtrade Label Organisation) and BIO (N. IT 0006 M192) certification.