In these days, all the “Befane” are busy looking for the perfect epiphany socking’s filling: tasty, colorful and -most of all- unadulterated. Kids who behaved deserve sweets without chemical additives or other ingredients dangerous for their health.

Dear “befane”, you don’t need to look any further: at Papa’s laboratories all sweets are produced naturally, according to ancient, artisanal recipes, starting from carefully selected almonds, fresh fruits and the best ingredients.

calza della befana papa

Inside the Epiphany stocking there must be chocolate! We use high quality ingredients to produce our Dolceamaro bars as well as our chocolate Dragées: almonds, hazelnuts, coffee beans or fruits are covered with the best dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate.

Epiphany is the last festive days of Christmas holidays, so let’s put it in good use and round holidays off with the sweetest treats! Our collection Mini Dessert is inspired by Italian patisserie: tiramisu, cassata, zuppa inglese and panna cotta.

To add some colors to your epiphany stocking you can add some Cioccogolosi of the brightest shades: blueberry, raspberry, orange, banana, strawberry and pistachio, or directly add the mixed-colors collection.

Moreover, the trendiest “befane” can add to the epiphany stocking also some romantic macarons, but only if the child behave extra-well. Otherwise, there will be coal!