What can possibly be better than drinking a glass of wine together with your dearest friends and relatives? A wine-themed wedding is perfect for those who want a convivial feast, with the same informal and friendly vibe of country-chic weddings.
The perfect location for a wine-themed wedding is the countryside, or better: the vineyard. Imagine rows of vines along the hills, running towards a beautiful sunset at the horizon. Otherwise, if your wedding is in winter, the party can be inside a wine cellar, among characteristic barrels and vaulted ceilings.

A wine-themed wedding is elegant, refined and always original, as the wine theme can be interpreted in many different ways, especially when it comes to decorations: bottles, corks, grape leaves, crystal glass, wine boxes… there are countless ideas!
For example, bottles can be filled with flowers or candles or even turned into hanging lamps. Put a label on them and they will be the perfect seat marker or even a menu.
Decorate the table with grape and leaves, perhaps inside wine boxes. Cork coasters can be customized with the name of the couple or other messages.
Moreover, when the wedding feast is inside a wine cellar, there is no risk of running out of wine!

matrimonio tema vino

The sweet table at a wine-themed wedding

For a wine-themed wedding there are no better sugar-coated almonds than our new collection Le Di Vin gocce. hese coated pralines have a wine heart covered with dark chocolate. They are born from our passion for Italian culture and tradition, of which good wine is the protagonist.

An odd number of Le Di Vin gocce can also be the perfect party favor, perhaps paired with an excellent bottle of wine, perhaps with a customized label with the name of the couple and the date of the wedding.