50 years of marriage is a beautiful and romantic anniversary, which isn’t within just anyone’s reach! That’s why it has always been associated with the strongest material: gold.

More than an anniversary, 50 years of marriage are an important achievement, which should be celebrated with friends and family. This is a special moment to celebrate a renewed union, exchanging rings and renewing vows in front of the family.

anniversario nozze d'oro

After this heartwarming experience, the celebration carries on with the reception, which should be golden and shining. During the party, sons and grandsons will have to make a speech: after all, they are the outcome, and the symbol, of this long and solid relationship.

To go though the nicest moments of these first 50 years of everlasting love, there could be a video or a slider with photos, and invite the guests to share their anecdotes and funny stories about the couple.

Lastly, like for every wedding, there should be a wedding cake, a sweet table and party favors!

nozze d'oro
nozze d'oro

Coated almonds for a golden wedding

The theme of the 50-year anniversary is gold: all decorations should be golden, and sugared-almonds too!

In our collection we have the shining Mandorla d’Oro, a sugar coated almond covered with edible golden paper.

Gold is a difficult color to match, so for the sweet table you should use simple pottery and tablecloths, in white. The golden coated almonds perfectly match with Bianchi d’Avola, the classic white coated almonds, and the Fedi, which are shaped as rings and are perfect for every wedding celebration!

Also the coated almonds in the party favors should be golden. You can customize the party favors with a card with a vintage photo of the couple at their wedding, which can be paired with a more recent photo.