The confettata buffet comes back in fashion in wedding celebrations. Nowadays isn´t enough giving  party favours to the guests but is necessary surprising them with a colored and scenographic buffet of confetti.

The tastes of confettata buffets with Papa´s Confetti

In the past wedding were characterized by the classical sugar coated almonds with Avola´s almond which still remains a great classic and cannot be missing in any type of  confettata wedding buffet. These could have an almond, chocolate, hazelnut or a fruit heart and a thin coating made by sugar or chocolate with different flavors that are shown in Cioccogolosi Papa collection.

Colors of confettata buffets with papa´s confetti

Different tastes translate into different colors that make the confettata buffet imaginative and colorful.

As the expert wedding planner Cira Lombardo advices the best sugar coated almonds for the  confettata wedding buffet are those with soft shades like the colors of the flowers.

Of course you can opt for sugar coated almonds with bold colors. Just do it in a scenographic way.

Considering  that the confettata buffet must be in harmony with the theme of the colors of the wedding,  the wide collection of Confetti Papa leaves the embarrassment of choice.